Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Puppy #1

This morning as I was eating breakfast, I heard a crying puppy next door.

I thought to myself, "Please, please...I hope that they caught both of the puppies this time."

As I walked across the parking lot, I spied one of the tiny puppies tied up next to the guard shack. It was a new man there who had caught it, but he must have heard of me and gave me the puppy. I could not understand what he was saying, but the gist of it was that once he caught the second one, he would give that one to me as well.

One guy there knew an English word. "Present," he said with a smile.

Present...yeah, right! I wish but there is no way I can keep these two puppies as much as I would love to! Present for the shelter, more like it. My friend knows of an animal shelter here that takes in strays, gives them their vaccines, and then finds homes for them. I think that I will make them sign an agreement that whoever adopts these puppies must pass a "wonderful human being" test.

For now, Puppy #1 is sleeping in a box in the guest bedroom...

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