Friday, July 9, 2010

Definitely double the trouble

BG #2 makes her debut...

It has not taken her long to come out of her shell. For good reason, she was terrified when she first came in to the apartment, but now she is quite the playful pup like her sister. She has a wider white marking on her head and has longer fur than her sister. Makes me wonder what exactly they are mixes of, but they are definitely terriers! And boy, do they get the looks when I am outside; everyone thinks that they are adorable and wants to meet them. Two cute...yes, the typo is on purpose.

Today was bath day. I have a little laundry bucket that acted as their tub within our tub. I imagine that it must feel good to get clean after living in the dirt, under cement blocks for a few days. I have put them both on the same medicine regimen (worms, fleas, ticks, etc.) so that both should be good to go for their health checks and vaccines tomorrow at the vet. I have been fastidiously cleaning the apartment and vacuuming, washing everything at the highest temperature, and learning that equal combinations of water with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice make great homemade, natural fleas sprays for the puppies and our furniture.

Angie is just sleeping away in the kitchen...she will go back home on Sunday, and I think that that will make my life a little easier. Her mom has been trying to contact the shelter for me with no luck. Not a good sign that they do not have enough staff to even answer the phone. Makes me think that they are not exactly going to give the puppy/puppies the attention that I give them. I have been tossing around the idea of advertising them/her (depending on what my final answer is about keeping one!) to the international community. There are plenty of diplomats here with kids that would love a rambunctious puppy, I am sure. ;)

I have been reading quite a bit on raising puppy siblings. It usually is not recommended because puppies need so much individual attention and to bond with their human. One fear with siblings is that they may bond with each other rather than the human. Some things that I was doing instinctively are right on the money...feeding and taking them outside separately (giving them both one-on-one time with me). One thing that is recommended is that they have their own crates so they do not become too dependent on each other. Guess I will have to pick up an extra carrier at the vet tomorrow.

Man, I feel like I have just given birth to twins............


  1. I like the idea of advertising one to the international community. The puppy would definitely be better of there than in the shelter. Yeah, and unlike cats (which are better together), you need to make sure they bond with humans and not each other. Dogs are so pack oriented. I think you should keep one, though. It would be nice to have a dog around for company since Kaz is at work so much.

  2. I thought that I had found an adopter this weekend, but she backed out. Boo. I am asking all my local friends for help, and the vet has offered to help too. When I am outside with them, everyone loves them and wants to meet them...I would think that someone would want to adopt at least one!!!