Monday, July 5, 2010

Puppies galore

This week the hubby and I have a house-guest. Her name is Angie...

Friday night was the Independence Day Community Party at the U.S. Ambassador's residence. Hamburgers, hotdogs, drinks, ice-cream, brownies, sack races, live music, and good times with friends...doesn't get much more American than that! It is strange to be overseas on American holidays as I feel so removed from the festiveness. But the Embassy was able to make it feel more like "home."

(That is Ambassador Moore with his back to the camera in the picture above.)

This past weekend was so nice outside so we took a little roadtrip yesterday with a friend...and Angie, of course! We went to a small village called Rijeka Crnojevica. The river in this town flows into Skadar Lake (from this post, remember?).

It was very quaint and peaceful. Angie enjoyed cooling off in the river, and us humans enjoyed some drinks and conversation near the river before we headed back to Podgorica.

Also over the weekend while I was walking Angie, I noticed that there are two tiny puppies living under a big stack of bricks at the construction company site next to our apartment. They can't be more than a month or two old. You see so many stray dogs here so I try not to feel sorry for every single one I see...but these are little puppies! So helpless on their own!

Since I could not just ignore them, I decided to take some water over to them. As I made my way over to them, I noticed that a man who works for the company was trying to take care of them as well. Of course we cannot communicate with each other but we have the same goal of helping these puppies! Later I decided to take some food to them and also the hubby decided to check out what his bleeding-heart wifey was up to. Luckily, since we have Angie right now I have access to dog food. I soaked a handful of food in water as I didn't think that they were big enough to handle adult food. Those poor little things were starving and scarfed down the food so fast. They are so skittish of humans...for good reason as they have not been treated nicely up until this point! I called a local friend who is also a fellow animal-lover, and she talked to the man to get the story. Evidently some cretin who is not worthy of being called a human being dumped these poor puppies at the site.

Since this weekend, Operation Puppy Rescue has been in full force! There is a group of guys who work there who are now also engaged in trying to catch these puppies. This morning I took breakfast to the little ones, and they again were so happy to see food. I have been able to feed them out of my hand and scratch their tiny heads a little but that is all. They stick their little heads out just enough to get the food and then duck back under the bricks. One of the guys grabbed one of the puppies while I was trying to pet them...oh my goodness, what a commotion! He passed the puppy to me and it was just trembling in my lap...and his sibling skidded back under the bricks and started crying for him. It was so pitiful! The guys got a box to put the one puppy in, but of course, there was no way we could lure the other one out. They both were scared to death!

I had no idea that this is what the guy was planning to do; a major downfall of not being able to speak the same language! My plan was to take it easy and build up the puppies' trust. So much for that although I know he meant well! In the end, they realized the mistake and released the captive puppy back to his sibling. Now the idea is to catch them at the same time to avoid any more trauma!

The puppies are getting some rest now. As I walked across the street to the grocery store just a bit ago, I saw the original man I met sitting in a lawn chair near the puppies. At least I know that they are being watched over while I am not there. Maybe this evening I will be able to regain some of their trust at suppertime!

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