Monday, July 19, 2010

The name game

I was right not to get my hopes up as I still have two puppies sleeping in the bedroom on this Monday morning. The person who was thinking about adopting BG #2 already has 2 dogs (both male) and was worried about the dynamic of bringing a little lady into the house. Sigh.......

However, I'm trying to get the word out the best I can. The shelter has posted pictures on their website, the vet has agreed to display a flyer and pictures at his office, and an email with the flyer went around to the international community. So, the word is out there and now I guess I just need to wait.

I have tried some different names with the puppies, but the originals are sticking....

BG#1 = Sophie

BG#2 = Maddie

This weekend they got to venture out of their bedroom and now our living room has turned into a puppy playground. This week marks the two week point since I rescued them, and I feel like they are already getting bigger. I almost forgot how quickly puppies change!!

Yes, she would be pulling on her sister's tail in the above pic.


  1. They are too cute!! Love the names. Diddle Sophie and Maddie. Awwwwh. :)

  2. Aren't they just the sweetest? I went to a pet shop called Doggyland today and got some fun toys and treats. I was looking for a decent crate but couldn't find one. Sigh...I miss Petsmart.

  3. The picture of Sophie pulling on Maddie's tail absolutely the cutest thing. I would love to take Maddie if I could. But hopefully someone will respond to all the postings you've put out.

    How is Kaz holding up with all the puppy action?

  4. Yeah, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Kaz is doing ok...he's not a huge dog person (obviously!) but when he gets home and they run to greet him, it puts a smile on his face! And he is partial to Sophie since she is the one we are thinking of keeping. They both have my heart so it will be hard to part with one when the day comes, but I know that it will be the right thing to do...they just need a happy home.