Friday, March 5, 2010

Mini vaca thanks to American Airlines

I am currently sitting at our little dining room table in our adorable new apartment in Podgorica...I made it!! But not without some drama, of course!

My flight out of Chicago was delayed so that made me miss my connections in Brussels and Budapest. Before I left Chicago, American Airlines set me up on other flights to go through Vienna with Austrian Airlines but evidently they did not confirm them because when I got to Brussels, I could not get on the flights! But yet, somehow my suitcases were able to fly on ahead without me! Go figure. The next flights that I could take were on Thursday so I had to spend 2 nights in Brussels which, after a bit of stressing, I realized turned out to be pretty a mini-vacation paid for by American Airlines. They put me up in the Sheraton right near the airport and gave me food vouchers for the restaurant there at the hotel. It was nice just to relax and allow my blood pressure to stabilize!

On Wednesday I took a bus from the airport to met up with a new friend for lunch at Place du Luxembourg near the European Parliament and then wandered the city in the afternoon. Saw the main sites at the center of the city...Catherdral of St. Michael, Palais Royal, Manneken Pis, le Grand Place, le Bourse...ate a gaufre, and shopped at Zara and H&M. Not too shabby!

Up next...introducing PODGORICA!!


  1. Yay Lisa! Happy to hear it turned out to be a little more relaxing for you. Can't wait to see your place next post.

  2. Yes, I very much enjoyed my mini-vaca...and saw a Jennyfer!! That brought back the memories! =)