Saturday, April 30, 2011

Brushing off the dust

In my opening post last February I wrote the following:

It is funny where life takes us, sometimes without much warning! But I guess that is the essence of life...we never know where we will be the next moment.

Isn't that the truth??

I realize that it is unfortunate that I have not written a post in many, many moons. I guess that is what happens when you get caught up in life. Now that we are making a new transition, I thought that maybe I should put it in writing again.

A year later and we are finished with Montenegro. I just read over all my old posts and it is amazing what can happen in a year. It makes me laugh, really! It is a good thing that we can't predict the future, and I am certain that I will be thinking the same thing a year from now.

To sum up the past year: kept a puppy and worked at the international school; got into a routine and home base was comfortably set up in Montenegro. Took a few trips back to Japan and a couple to the States. Thought that we would be in Montenegro until the summer and took a trip to Japan in early March. On March 11, 2011 at 2:46 p.m. the Tohoku region was devastated by a 9M earthquake and subsequent tsunami. A reminder from Mother Nature that everything can change in a second. Flew back to Montenegro, packed up the apartment in 2.5 days, said some very sad good-byes, and headed to the States with Sophie. Spent 2 weeks there that, of course, passed too quickly. We are now in Japan (again) in preparation for our next post...


Right now I am trying to relax and enjoy being in one spot for awhile. Our travel for the past month or so has been epic...thank goodness for Premier Executive status with United Airlines!

I miss this face but I know that she is living the good life with Grandma in Wisconsin during this transition time...


  1. Southeast Asia and puppy = yay!

  2. Wow Laos! What city? When do you guys move?

  3. We will be in Vientiane, the capital. Looks like we will be there end of June/beginning of July.