Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm melting!

Whoohoo...summer has arrived in Podgorica with a vengeance! From what I can tell from, we will be pushing into the 90s from here on out.

I wanted to snack on my chocolate covered cookie while sitting here at the computer and this is what I discovered...


And please do not misconstrue the above "whoohoo" as an exclamation of excitement...because it's not. Rather, it is one of defeat and resignation.


  1. It has been pretty hot and gross back here, too. Maybe you can get up to the mountains and cool off.

  2. I think that is what we will do...once the World Cup is over, of course!!

  3. You CRACK me up.... :-) I love reading all of your food posts. When all else fails, just cook, right? It sounds like you'll need to fill some time this summer now that your teaching gig is over. I am also officially on summer vacation. Yay! I am trying to get my house cleaned up, work on some miscellaneous business tasks, and overall stay motivated to do SOMETHING besides sit on the couch with a movie. Working out was part of my plan, too, so I better get on that.

  4. Thanks, glad you've enjoyed it! I am trying to stay motivated, but this heat is making it challenging! ;) Have fun filling your summer days!